"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." --Ambrose Redmoon

On stalling in a Piper PA 28-161:
"Buffet? The only Buffett you will get in a Warrior is if you have an ADF and can find an AM radio station playing Jimmy."

Excerpts from Nancy's Flight Diary
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When's sunset? When's civil twilight?

And where's that (commercial) airplane, anyway?

Preflighting N7943C (124K)

Group at the Western Aerospace Museum (300K)

Racecar driver Nancy (340K)

Fun with ADF!

Let's say you have an Automatic Direction Finder in your trainer. Lucky
you! You can navigate by difficult methods due to be phased out in the
coming decade. In fact, your DPE can ask you to demonstrate that
knowledge on your checkride (a good reason to select an airplane without
an ADF for that ride)! You can learn to compensate for wind all on your
own or learn to fly in arcs where straight lines would make more sense,
your choice. You can use the Automatic Downpour Finder to find
thunderstorms and fly right to them, or more accurately put to fly in an
arc to them. And of course you can actually practice some of the more
arcane questions on the Private Pilot Knowledge Test.

But all that good stuff aside, the ADF upgrades your simple trainer to a
simple trainer with an AM radio... just like that '67 Chevy the crazy
guy down the block drives (or that you drove in, uh... 1967).

Anyway, the point of all this is: Tired of looking for a working NDB?
Tired of Limbaugh? Want to impress your CFI by flying your long cross
country solely by reference to AM radio stations? Just want to listen to
the game?

Then check out this site, which is the FCC database for AM radio
stations. It doesn't list format but it does give latitude/longitude
information and allows you to query by state, city, lat/long, call sign,


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